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OFF-ROAD enduro andventures IN Limassol, CYPRus

"We were born to do this" is Sayious Adventure Rides’ philosophy.

Whatever your off-road riding skills, from beginners to advanced, we can teach you and/or upgrade your level of enduro riding.

With an offering of a variety of endure bikes, trials, and top-of-the-range hard endure bikes, Sayious Adventure Rides ensures that you get the most out of Cyprus: an enduro haven.

Due to our parks privileged location (in the centre of Cyprus), it’s easily accessible from everywhere on the island.

Sayious Adventure Rides guarantees to provide you an unforgettable enduro riding  experience. 

why choose us?

Sayious Adventure Rides is a family-owned adventure park. We are genuine enduro bike enthusiasts that cater for enduro bike enthusiasts: we offer more than just the riding experience, we offer a lifetime of memories.

Over 90% of our clients, keep coming back again and again for the packages we offer, as well as the memories they create.

We love extreme enduro, steep uphills, downhills, rocky trails, water streams and other elements of nature against us – and you will love them too!

 But don’t worry – we also offer beginners rides upon request.


Many clients become close friends, SAYIOUS ADVENTURE RIDES and its host, SAYIOUS ADVENTURE PARK have become more of a second-home or sanctuary to our fellow enduro enthusiasts.


Adventure is the NEW BLACK


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