TRIALS rides


Go slow… to go fast!

Here at Sayious Adventure Rides, we firmly believe that: Balance,Traction and Control are the three pillars for enduro riding, and our trials rides are the best way to improve all three. 

Visit Sayious Adventure Rides for a trials ride with one of our experienced guides

  • ride on the surrounding rocky mountain terrain

  • ride in our specially formed in-house trials track (the only one  in Cyprus. )

  • Provided: Guide, bike, fuel and all safety gear. 

  • Bikes available for this ride: TRS / Beta / Sherco / Gas gas

HOW much

€50 - 1 hour of riding time (per person)

€100 - 2.5 hours of riding time (per person)

€30 - Bring your own bike (per tour)


At Sayious Adventure Rides, you can also practice/upgrade your skills and test some of our obstacles in Cyprus’ first and only inhouse enduro and trial track.

  • test your level on a variety of obstacles

  • similar to many extreme enduro races prologs, eg. Redbull Romaniacs, Redbull XL Lagares.

teenagers TRIALS classes

At Sayious Adventure Rides, teenagers gets the chance to learn the first steps of riding in a safe and controlled environment.

We do not say this a lot but honestly… trials put you in the correct mindset to ride any motorbike and deal with any hard situation or terrain that comes your way.